There's a Circus at Farmer Frank's!

There’s a Circus at Farmer Frank’s! is the fourth illustrated chapter book in the Adventures of Archie Artichoke series of stories written about a remarkable garden of vegetables.

In this adventure, Archie and his veggie friends survive a powerful wind and rain storm that damages their garden and nearby apple orchard. When they learn that a distant farm was completely destroyed during the storm, they travel to help its beloved owner, Farmer Frank. They quickly discover that Farmer Frank is a very special person. Despite the loss of his farm, he invites a circus to give the families of a local town a lift, after they also suffer severe damage. Archie and his friends look for ways to help Farmer Frank rebuild his house and barn; but how will they do it?

All of the Archie Artichoke series of books are written specifically to help children develop their imagination through visual imaging of text and dialogue, complemented with full-color illustrations. And besides being fun to read, There’s a Circus at Farmer Frank’s! has positive messages and is designed to teach children about:

  • Making good decisions and solving problems;
  • Working with others to achieve a common goal;
  • The difference between a house and a home;
  • Caring, helping others, friendship; and
  • The names of many important vegetables!

Because There’s a Circus at Farmer Frank’s! is relatively long for a young children’s story, it is designed to be read over several days/nights. The age group for the Adventures of Archie Artichoke series is between three and nine years old. The narrative is designed to be read to a child, and third-grade children will delight in reading the books on their own.

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