Archie Artichoke Series

The Adventures of Archie Artichoke book series is written with visually-rich dialogue and text, complemented with full-color illustrations. And besides being fun to read, all of our stories have positive messages designed to teach children about:

  • Making good decisions
  • Accomplishing difficult tasks and solving problems
  • Working with others to achieve a common goal
  • Caring, helping others, friendship
  • The names of many important vegetables!
  • Because the books are relatively long for a young children's story, they are formatted as chapter books and divided into multiple chapters that may be read over multiple days/nights. Many colorful illustrations are placed throughout the stories to enhance their narrative, and many of the stories contain a variety of child-friendly rhymes and songs. For these reasons, The Adventures of Archie Artichoke book series makes a wonderful transition from picture books to chapter books.

    On our website, you’ll find illustrations of the veggie characters suitable for coloring and ready for download, as well as audio of Archie’s hiking and campfire songs. We encourage you and your child to sing along!

    The age group for The Adventures of Archie Artichoke series is relatively broad, between three and nine years old. This is because the many colorful illustrations use cartoon-like characters especially enjoyed by younger viewers (ages 3–6), while the text includes words commonly used with older children (ages 6–9). The stories are written for a third-grade reading level and will expand the vocabulary of younger children as they listen to a story. In addition, third-grade children will delight in reading the books on their own.

    Lastly, we donate our books to children’s hospitals throughout the United States, and profits generated by the books are shared with children’s hospitals and other healthcare organizations. In addition, the fourth book in the series, There’s a Circus at Farmer Frank’s! has been used to help children cope with the anxiety and trauma caused by losing their house due to a natural disaster or other misfortune. As a result, it is used in the US after natural disasters, and is currently being used in Ukraine to help children cope with the man-made tragedy that is ongoing there. The desire to help children motivates all of us at Archie Artichoke Books to expand the popularity of our veggie characters.



    The Big Show

    Archie and his friends help a family of squirrels gather acorns for the winter because the squirrels have been busy caring for their sick child. The veggies work together and put on a show that will collect the needed acorns.

    This exciting story chronicles the vegetables’ creative process as they develop the show’s unique songs, dance, juggling and trained worm acts.


    A Garden's Search for Water

    In this adventure, Archie and his friends hike to a distant garden where the vegetables have lost their source of water and have become ill. During their search for answers, the veggie friends find a spirited group of forest animals have caused the water to stop flowing.

    It’s up to Archie and his friends to convince them to change their ways…but how will they do it?


    It's a Wonderful Life in the Garden

    Archie and his friends find a mysterious bottle containing a treasure map and a strange riddle about a menacing troll that guards a magical genie able to grant wishes. The vegetable friends must travel into a dark forest, outsmart the troll, and decide the wishes to receive from the genie.

    In the process, they learn a valuable lesson: Be careful what you wish for – you might just get it!


    There's a Circus at Farmer Frank's

    Archie and his veggie friends survive a powerful storm that damages their garden and nearby apple orchard. When they learn that beloved Farmer Frank’s farm was also destroyed, they travel to help him.  Despite the loss of his farm, he invites a circus to give the families of the town a lift after they also suffer severe damage. 

    Archie and his friends look for ways to help Farmer Frank rebuild; but how will they do it?

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