It's a Wonderful Life
in the Garden

It’s a Wonderful Life in the Garden takes children to a beautiful garden where a dynamic group of vegetables lives with their engaging leader, Archie Artichoke.

In this adventure, Archie and his friends find a mysterious bottle containing a treasure map and a strange riddle about a menacing troll that guards a magical genie able to grant wishes. The vegetable friends must travel into a dark forest, outsmart the troll, and decide the wishes to receive from the genie. In the process, they learn a valuable lesson: You must be careful what you wish for – you might just get it!

All of the Archie Artichoke series books are written specifically to help children develop their imagination through visual imaging text and dialogue complemented with full color illustrations. And besides being fun to read, It’s a Wonderful Life in the Garden is designed to teach children about:

Making good decisions and solving problems;

  • Working with others to achieve a common goal;
  • Being happy and content with your life;
  • Caring, helping others, friendship; and
  • The names of many important vegetables!

It’s a Wonderful Life in the Garden is the third book in The Adventures of Archie Artichoke chapter book series written about a remarkable garden of vegetables. As with all the Archie Artichoke books, many colorful illustrations are placed throughout the story to enhance its narrative.

Because It’s a Wonderful Life in the Garden is relatively long for a young children’s story, it is designed to be read over several days/nights. The age group for the Adventures of Archie Artichoke series is between three and nine years old. The narrative is designed to be read to a child, and third-grade children will delight in reading the books on their own.

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